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MWM: What's Your Superpower



I’ve often said that my greatest gifts are also my greatest challenges - oh hi empathy that’s you!


Our personal gifts show up in many ways, and though they can often be challenging for us - when we accept them + LEAN into them they become our superpowers.

My empathy is my superpower - when I have boundaries supporting it.

My resilience is my superpower - when it’s not triggered by arrogance or stubbornness.

My resourcefulness is my superpower - when it’s not a result of self induced chaos.

My creativity is my superpower- when I use it to fuel my follow through.

My intuition is my superpower - when I am grounded and present.

Whatever your superpowers are, lean into them love 🖤.



Does this speak to you? What’s your superpower? Comment below.


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