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MWM: On Looking for Light


The past week was not the greatest if I’m being honest. It felt like nothing was lining up, everything was going wrong. A few big things, LOT of little things - just piling up. My anxiety got to me. PMS got to me. The stresses of running a small business got to me. Missing my family + my friends got to me. The unending pandemic, the restrictions, the unknowns, the polar vortex insane cold got to me.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Last week I was looking for the light, but it felt like allllll tunnel. Tonight I realized, that sometimes you have to remind yourself to look for those snaps of bright light in the everyday moments. Last week was full of bright light moments, I just wasn’t looking. This week? This week I’m looking.

📷: @mollyschikoskyphotograph


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