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MWM- From Bed Under the Blankets Cause Its SOOO Cold

Full disclosure, I am currently under 3 blankets in bed with a heat pack. It is -50 DEGREES CELSIUS. YES I AM YELLING THAT. I had intentions for getting a lot of work done tonight but I didn’t. I had an entirely different post planned for tonight, but to be honest I don’t have the energy or the mental capacity to write it properly.

So I choose not to force it, not to push through it, not to do it with partial capacity. Tonight I’m choosing rest, 3 blankets and my heat pack. I’m choosing to read before going to bed early, because that’s what my body and my mind are telling me I need.

It’s REALLY COLD so I’m staying in bed and I’m not getting out until the morning except to reheat my heat pack. Tomorrow I will crush all the things with an energized mind and rested body and probably still my heat pack because in case you didn’t know it’s really REALLY cold here.

Stay warm + listen to your body when it tells you what it needs ♥️

📷: @mollyschikoskyphotography


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