megan.elizabeth.    designer.dreamer.

Sometimes great things are born out of the unexpected. My jewelry line became a creative outlet for me during a time in my life when everything turned upside down, nothing felt certain and I needed to make something just mine. I believe in things with meaning. I believe in things that hold emotion. When the time came to put a name to my creations, it came instantly - Elizabeth & Lyn are the middle names my parents gave to myself and my sister. They are family names. They are feminine names. They are strong names. They are our names.

I believe in connections.  I need to feel them and I need to create them.

I am so many things, so many facets, so many emotions. I have been broken, and I have rebuilt. I am compassionate, but I am strong. I trust my instincts and I am determined. I believe in karma and second chances. I believe in taking a leap and making it count.